Hello and welcome to the Service Exchange Protocol (SEP) - bringing transparency to service marketplaces.

SEP aims to enable developers to build blockchain secured, consumer anonymous, peer-to-peer service marketplaces for the following structures:

  1. Service delivery at a fixed address (e.g. a hotel or barber)
  2. Service delivery between two or more known, fixed addresses (e.g. trains or flights)
  3. Service delivery between two or more random addresses (e.g. ride-hailing or food delivery)

Note that these docs were written for a previous test of SEP for a hotel implementation. That has been halted and we are currently working on some lower-level architecture problems first such as; how to handle buyer and seller reputation, how to run each of the components reliably on a simple smarphone etc. As we solve these we will start implementations again, starting with movi, a ride-hailing app.

Getting started